Zhagic: Tamizh, the epitome of Elixir

Tamizh Discussion Portal

What is Zhagic

ZHAGIC is a section of PRODIGY group which aims at increasing the interest level of Students and Young talents towards the greatest language of this earth,  Tamizh.


Zhagic includes the Following

Kuralin Kural (Voice of Thirukural) : one can enrich the knowledge of Thirukural, thru this section

Bharadhi Bimbam : This section includes the greatest collections of Maghakavi Bharadhi

Vazhakadu Mandram : Itís a Forum where all of you can discuss many things in Tamizh.

And More to come


PRODIGY dedicate this section to

1. Agnikunjai ennaku adikoddita Bharadhikum
2. Edhanai Evan Seiyvan Endru aarayaum thiran ennaku thandha Valluvanukum


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